Folly – Specimen Carp Lake

Exclusively a Day Ticket Water
The 3 acre specimen carp lake at the furthest end of the site has mature trees and shrubs well landscaped around its perimeter providing a peaceful and secluded venue for the serious carp angler. Approximately 15 pegs are well-spaced around the lake. It is stocked with a good head of carp ranging from 10 – 26lbs with the record for 2009, a 26lb mirror and 21lb common carp. Good fighting fish they can regularly be seen shoaling in summer months tantalizing the angler!
Most anglers fish with two rods on this lake, one rod in the margin (deep) and one rod close to the island with pellet, corn or spicy sausage on the hook. Hampton Springs feeding pellets can also be useful as can pva bags (not allowed in matches). Handy tip is to pin everything down with back leads and use running leads.
This lake has been developed and improved gradually over the years and is becoming a very popular venue for carp anglers. Future improvements in the next few years include the establishment of lily beds (already planted) and the building of full size swims.
Feed little and often
Fish margins- tight as you can
Fish to island and lily beds but don’t rule out open water
Scale down tackle
Expander good with pellet over top
6mm cubed meat
Sweetcorn in margins
16-22 hook size
Winter fishing – maggots and worms (pinkies)