Long Island

Long island at 2.5 acres and with a bridge across to an island can accommodate up to 50 anglers and consequently is a popular venue for the larger club matches while still offering sport for the pleasure angler during the week.


Known for its high stocking of tench (up to 3lbs) it also supports a good head of carp reaching 15lbs. There is also a good stock of chub to 4lbs, crucians to 1lb and skimmers and perch. Pole, tip and waggler can all produce good results from this lake fishing the usual mix of sweetcorn, luncheon meat, pellets, maggots and worm.

The channel can produce some nice catches in summer particularly tench during summer months and the island pegs are good to catch in open water at 16m. The margins around the lake work well and catches are regularly taken under your feet.