Poplars, the first pool you encounter on entering the fishery, is half an acre in size with 16 pegs.  It is in a sheltered situation with mature trees bordering its far bank, ideal for those windy days and winter fishing.  With an average depth of 4-6’ it has a central island and two lily beds at either end providing some nice features to fish to.  Poplars is a Day ticket water all year.
The Poplars
It is stocked with a range of fish including mirror/common carp to 12lbs (average 4lbs), chub & tench to 2lb, bream, perch and roach to 1lb and barbel to 3lbs. Fishing is consistently good all year round and Poplars is a favourite with pleasure men in the summer and match men in winter.  Pole and waggler are the best methods with an occasional small ledger to the island or to the opposite bank if no anglers fishing.Corn, meat, pellet and maggots are the preferred baits.