Rock Pool

One of the best and most consistent match lakes on the fishery, Rock pool has earned its reputation over the years, regularly providing the winning weights in open matches. 2.5 acres of water with 4/5 islands and nice features it has a range of different swims to challenge and excite both the match and pleasure angler. Tip is a popular method on Rock because it allows you to get up the side of the islands although pole and waggler are also regularly used.

There are some good-sized mirror and common carp in Rock with weights of 16lbs recorded, although most are from 2 – 5 lbs in weight. Other species include bream to 4lbs, chub and tench to 2lbs, crucians to 1lb, barbel to 5lbs, perch to 2lbs and roach and rudd to 1lb.

A popular match lake Rock pool has 31 pegs, five islands and lily beds. Used regularly in club matches and open matches throughout the year at weekends it is often available during the week for the pleasure angler.